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12 September

With the Bauhaus masters in the 1920s, Europe ushered in a new world of modernist architecture that changed the way cities look all over the world. For the first time, young architects prioritized form and flow, cleanness and function over the gilded, and at times garish, facades of buildings built in centuries past. This movement […]

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04 September

Mad Cool is Europe’s answer to Coachella, with the gorgeous palm trees, Ferris wheel and desert-like walk up to the entrance, it’s the perfect mix of influencer picture opportunities and music lover gold, with a sense of culture and togetherness that Coachella seems to lack. Emily Malia, Festival Insider Tweet Table of Contents Mad Cool […]

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30 August

Article 2018 European Capitals of Culture Ιntroduced in 1985 with the noble aim of bringing our continent closer together, the European Capital of Culture scheme offered few early surprises. Source link

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16 August

Table of Contents It’s an exciting time of year to go to a festival, particularly after the drought of the last couple of years! While this guide can be applied to any location for international music festival travel, we’ve chosen to focus this guide around the example country of Spain, which has dozens of internationally […]

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26 July

A new warning has been issued by harm reduction specialists The Loop after pills tested at Secret Garden Party were found to contain more than double the amount of MDMA. The Loop discovered that pills in the shape of a ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ had 2.5 the typical amount of ecstasy in them. Some ‘Teddy Bear’-shaped […]

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19 July

When you think of Europe, famous places come to mind. Places like the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa have all established themselves as the most iconic landmarks in not only Europe but also throughout the world. They have attracted worldly visitors for generations, and for good reason. But while these […]

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07 June

Article Hostel Hospitality There are ways to lodge in Europe that are simply more European. Perhaps the most unique one is in a hostel. Affordable and creative, these small hotels and inns are found in all European countries. Whether you’re backpacking through Spain or on holiday in Sweden, spend your nights in a hostel for […]

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26 April

Article Why Visit? Thanks to centuries of history, popular movies and legendary literature, the allure of Europe’s landscapes and cultures has been romanticized for ages. Many people dream of turning the European vacation in their hearts into reality. Here’s why now is better than ever to visit Europe. Source link

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10 April

With close to 66,000 km of the coastline in the old continent and thousands of lakes, rivers and canals, exploring Europe by boat is an unforgettable experience. Attracting the whole world along its coastline and islands, the Mediterranean Sea is Europe’s prime boating destination. The sailing grounds are immense, from the Balearics Islands to the […]

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02 February

A new year brings new opportunities to discover new music festivals and unique travel destinations.

But how do you find new festivals in 2022? Here’s our list of the best festival listings, blogs, websites and forums in 2022.

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