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Elementary Festival Claimed

A stunning world music festival with a beautiful crowd in Oxfordshire.

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Elementary Festival – a stunning world music festival with a beautiful crowd in Oxfordshire.

Immerse yourself in a magical world of music, movement and relaxation through live performance, workshops, sound journeys and healing sessions.

Come and see an amazing array of international and homegrown performers playing a magical range of instruments from around the globe including Fujara, Tabla, Hang, Sitar, Cajon, African Drums, American Indian Flutes and Flamenco Guitar…oh, and just a little bit of Didgeridoo!

Experience some beautiful workshops including yoga, dance, music, sound journies, and so much more…

Set in the heart of beautiful Oxfordshire in the stunning Braziers Park, surrounded by nature.

Camp out under the stars with a beautiful festival crowd (or choose a room in the stunning house if you prefer).


Q Travelling by car

We encourage visitors to use public transport, car-sharing and liftshare.co.uk if possible.

From London: Leave M4 at Junction 8/9. Proceed to Henley and then on through Nettlebed to the CROWMARSH ROUNDABOUT (A4130). Turn left onto the A4074 towards Reading. After about 5-7 minutes ignore 2 left turns signposted Ipsden, the next left turn at the bottom of a hill a few seconds later is for “Braziers Park” indicate early and turn left there. This will bring you to Braziers’ front entrance. Please note 5mp speed limit and park considerately.

From Reading: Follow signs for Railway station and Caversham, over Caversham Bridge, then first left onto the A4074, signposted Oxford. Follow this road for around 15 minutes passing 2 signs for Woodcote on your left and then on a downward hill with open views, you’ll see a parking layby with an airfield sign on the left and a ‘vehicles turning’ sign, if there is traffic behind its a good idea to start indicating right here, you will then see a signpost for Braziers Park right turn, ignore the right turn immediately before the Braziers sign (if you accidentally take this turning into Bottom Lane then continue to the first left up a passable rutted track and follow this a few metres to Braziers Park entrance on the right). The lane is narrow with high verges and no footpath please expect pedestrians.

From Oxford: Follow signposts out of Oxford to Henley/Wallingford/Reading (A4074). Continue through Wallingford following Reading signs. Around 5-7 minutes after Wallingford you will pass 2 left turnings to the village of Ipsden both should be ignored – soon after at the bottom of a steep downward hill there is a signpost to Braziers Park left turn, indicate early and turn into the narrow lane leading to Brazier Park, beware of pedestrians especially at night.

From the West: Take the M4 eastward; at junction 12, take the A4 towards Theale & Thatcham; straight on at the first roundabout on the A4; at the 2nd roundabout take the A340; travel through Tidmarsh, Pangbourne and Lower Basildon to Streatley; at the traffic lights (noticing the Bull Inn of ‘Three Men in a Boat’ fame) turn right across the Thames into Goring; go through Goring, over the railway and turn left at the T- junction; after about half a mile look for a right turn signposted Ipsden and then a left turn similarly signposted after a similar distance. It is then straight on to Braziers Park. The route goes over a couple of hills and round some wiggles, and then straight on at the crossroads and straight over the A4074 into Braziers Lane, which takes you directly to Braziers Park. BEWARE – the road from Goring is subject to subsidence, so drive slowly and avoid potholes.

Car parking is at owners’ risk; the speed limit is 5mph on the driveways; parking charges may be considered necessary for large groups and events.

Q Travelling by Train

Visitors travelling by train are advised to go to Reading central railway station and then catch the X39/X40 bus to Braziers Park, as these buses run from just outside the station Stand SB. Goring & Streatley Station is around 40-60 minutes walk with steep hills, no buses, occasionally taxis.

Q Travelling by plane

The nearest airport is Heathrow. From there to Reading station are regular buses: railair.com/timetables_monfri.php

From Gatwick take the train to Reading: www.thetrainline.com/train-times/gatwick-airport-to-reading-station

Q Travelling by bus from Reading – X39/X40 Bus Timetable

The Braziers Park stop is not listed on timetables. It’s between Woodcote and Wallingford and is known as ‘Braziers Park, Ipsden Turn’ by the bus drivers – but you should also ask for Braziers Park as there are 2 stops called Ipsden turn. It’s the first one if you are coming from Reading and the second if you are coming from Oxford.

From Reading railway station, leave the station at the main entrance, look toward the road and you will see some bus stands on the right, walk past the big brown office building on the right to bus stop SB. The X39 takes approximately 25 minutes. The X40 turns off for a loop of Woodcote before rejoining the X39 route, so takes 5-10 minutes longer.

The bus drivers are usually very friendly and helpful – if you ask them to, they will try to let you know when they are approaching Braziers’ stop. If you’re on the X39, you will see a sign for Woodcote approximately 3 minutes before reaching the Braziers stop, you will pass a parking layby on the left with an airfield sign on a long downward hill – ring the bell. The stop is at the crossroads at the bottom of the hill. The X40 will take the Woodcote turn and spend 5-10 minutes travelling to Woodcote and back, so when you reach the main road again and turn left, you’ll be 3 minutes from the Braziers stop and can ring the bell. If you should miss the stop it’s better to go on to Wallingford to wait for a return bus.

When you get off the bus, cross the main road and walk down the country lane opposite the bus stop. This will lead you directly to Braziers’ main entrance. The main road can be very busy and traffic very fast, the speed can be deceiving so take extra care before crossing – there have been several accidents crossing this road. If it is dark you will need a torch to alert traffic in the narrow lane to your presence.

Q Travelling by bus from Oxford – X39/X40 Bus Timetable

Go to bus stop H5 on St Aldates to catch the X39 or X40. The journey will take approximately 55 minutes on either bus, passing through Wallingford where it may stop for a while or change driver or bus. After leaving Wallingford it’s approximately 6 minutes before reaching Braziers’ stop. You will pass two roundabouts and turn right onto the main road (A4074), travelling straight for a few more minutes when you’ll see large black and gold gates on your left, followed by a small wooden bus shelter – this is the stop immediately before Braziers stop – don’t get off there or you could get very lost, we are not in Ipsden itself – ring the bell as you pass this stop, Braziers stop approximately 30 seconds later at the bottom of hill. If you’re unsure, ask the driver — it’s the ‘Braziers Park, Ipsden Turn’ stop.

After getting off the bus, follow the lane on the same side of the road (signposted Braziers Park) and it will lead you directly to the main entrance of Braziers 5 minutes or so away just behind the trees you can see at the end of the lane.