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20 January

The snow-white scenery of the Dolomites is an ideal destination for those who love skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, climbing, snowshoeing and trekking. Internationally famous for its ski resorts, it’s a magic realm offering numerous slopes in one track for hundreds of kilometers while being surrounded by magnificent heights and enchanting landscapes. There are so many sports […]

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20 January

Europe has a well-connected railway system. Not only does this make travel super convenient, but it also shows off some of the best views in Europe. From coastlines to alpine peaks, you can see the most scenic vistas of Europe. The Swiss Chocolate Train is one of the sweetest rides in Europe. The Douro Line […]

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09 November

From fresh Atlantic cod to giant king crab, Europe has an amazing selection of seafood. Explore the regional cuisine of traditional plates from around the coasts of Europe. Find the freshest seafood at a fishing village market or in a five-star restaurant. Head onto the waters with a guide and catch your own fish and […]

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05 November

Europe’s thermal spas invite you to relax in the lap of luxury. Filled with natural waters and accompanied by lavish treatments, Europe’s pools and modern resorts provide you with the perfect opportunity to unplug, relax and unwind. Why are spas and bathhouses such a huge part of European culture? It all dates back to the […]

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04 November

If you love cooking as much as you love travelling, why not combine your passions and embark on the ultimate tasting tour? With gastronomic tourism on the rise, travelers from all over the world are able to get a unique perspective on a country’s native cuisine and how it’s prepared while sampling the local culture, […]

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23 September

Wine has influenced the culture of Europe for centuries. Dating back to 1600 BC, the Romans spread wine grapes throughout Europe and quickly became skilled at classifying grape varieties and colors, observing characteristics, and building fertilization techniques. By the first century AD, wine was being exported from Italy to Spain, Germany, England and France. The […]

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23 July

Searching for the perfect beach can be a difficult task, especially in an area you are not familiar with. However, in Europe, you’ll know you’ve found the ideal surf and sand thanks to an iconic marker – a blue flag. Europe’s Blue Flag Beaches meet strict standards for water quality, safety and eco-friendliness, making them […]

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23 June

Top Livestreaming DJ Sets for This Weekend (June 19-21) View Reddit by shanemartz – View Source

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01 June

Your flights are booked, the festival tickets are secured and the date is set. Excitement, sleep counting and smugness commences – you are officially going on holiday. One problem remains, however. That idyllic destination you’ve had stuck in your head, that festival venue you’ve mulled over for months, is to be found in a part […]

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22 May

In our third podcast, Chris is joined by friend, festival and live music lover Rich, to ask: What will festival and live music events be like in life after coronavirus? How will we get back to normality in the first place? What will we do for the rest of summer 2020 until then?  What do […]

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